Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Learn more about our team of physicians by checking out their videos!

Dr. Kevin Baumer

Orthopedic Surgery

Learn more about Dr. Baumer and his approach with patients.


Dr. Hong-Kai Kevin Du

Pain Management

Find out how to contact Dr. Du for an appointment.

Dr. Steven Horner

Orthopedic Surgery

Find out more about Dr. Horner's education and experience.

Dr. Michael Hughes

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Learn more about Dr. Hughes' educational training and what he wants patients to take away from their treatment.

Dr. Donald Johnston

Orthopedic Surgery

Learn more about Dr. Johnston's education.

Dr. Timothy LeeBurton

Orthopedic and Hand Surgery

Learn more about Dr. LeeBurton including his experience in the Navy and being a published author.

Dr. Charles Lehmann

Orthopedic Surgery

Learn more about why Dr. Lehmann went into the field of medicine and why he chose orthopedics.

Dr. Harvey Mirly

Hand Surgery

Learn about Dr. Mirly's education and experience.

Dr. Steven Morton

Orthopedic Surgery

Find out what Dr. Morton enjoys most about what he does and what he likes to do outside of the office.

Dr. Gregory Simmons

Orthopedic Surgery

Find out about Dr. Simmons' family history with medicine as well as what he thinks the greatest reward of working in medicine is.

Michael Sullivan, PA-C

Orthopedic Surgery

Find out how to contact Michael Sullivan.