Ellis Thompson, PA-C

Learn more about Ellis as he discusses why he loves orthopedics and sports medicine.

Meet Ellis Thompson, PA-C, of Orthopedics.

Talk a little bit about your background.

I went to the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio, for my undergraduate degree and majored in biology pre-med with a chemistry minor. Then I went to Marietta College in Ohio. I've been here about three years. I worked in Emergency Medicine and made the transition to Orthopedics. 

Why do you like orthopedics?

Bones are cool. That's the bottom line...bones are awesome. It's also knowing I can see somebody and actually help them today. It's the instant gratification that some patients feel that does it for me for sure. 

What kind of things do you see regularly?

We see a lot of total joint replacement, so knees, hips, and shoulders. I see a lot of the post-op patients to see how they're doing: if they have good range of motion, how much pain are they in and can we get that under control, and how they're doing with their physical therapy. I like sports medicine as well. It's neat seeing the young athletes come in and get them back to playing as soon as possible. I'm a big Blues and Cardinals fan, and I played soccer in high school. I had an injury in high school too, so I have an appreciation for an athlete wanting to get back to work or playing. 

How did your sports injury help you relate to patients?

I had a stress fracture in my back when I was in high school playing soccer. I know the rehab. I was out for an entire season. It was awful to hear from the doc, "You know, we've got to shut you down for the whole year." But then you rehab; you go to physical therapy; you come back stronger than ever, and it really makes a big difference. I'm glad that it happened that way. Now I can kind of relate to that young kid who's trying to get back. He's in high school, and he thinks about college and how he can get back to playing. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to hang out in St. Louis. I'm a big soccer fan. I love the English Premier League. I like to hang out and just relax. I ride my bike a lot. I like eating nachos a lot, that's my favorite food.

What do you hope patients take away from their first visit with you?

I hope when people come to see me that they really feel like I sat down and I actually got to listen to them. In Orthopedics, we deal with pain and that's kind of what people want to talk about. And I'm here to listen to that. It's not even just listening to what they say, but listening to their body and doing a thorough physical exam. I want them to actually feel like they were heard during their visit.