Neurosurgery is home to top-notch neurosurgeons right here in Belleville.

Neurosurgery is home to nationally renowned physicians who are available in a community hospital setting. With on-site CT, MRI, and therapy services, we can take care of your complete neurosurgery needs from consultation to recovery. Plus, we can generally see referrals within one day. The Center's neurosurgeons help keep your life in rhythm.

Our Services

The neurosurgeons use the latest in neuro navigation, computer-assisted technology that allows the doctor to perform more accurate surgeries with smaller incisions. In some cases that means less trauma and a lower chance of having to repeat the surgery in the future.

Plus, with CT and MRI scanning available at The Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center at Memorial, you’ll experience a smooth transition from diagnosis and imaging through surgery and rehabilitation.

Our Team

Our neurosurgery team has access to the latest surgical techniques and tools to treat your brain and central nervous system conditions.

Working Together

With on-site CT, MRI, and rehabilitation services, we can take care of your complete neurosurgery needs from consultation to recovery.

Why Choose Us

Because the entire Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center team provides coordinated care, we can handle a number of brain, spinal, and nervous system issues right here.

The Center is extremely accessible for patients recovering from neurosurgery. Working alongside physical and occupational therapies, you can experience a complete recovery all under one roof.


If your insurance requires it, please ask your doctor to refer you to The Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center.

For new patients who need to schedule appointments with The Center’s physicians, we’ve created ONE Call: (618) 767-7000. Call between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and The Center’s team can match you with the physician you should see for your condition.